Congressional Retirement Plan

Annuities-The Shocking Truths Revealed
Discover Shocking Secrets about Your Annuities that Banks and Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know.

Annuities-Warning Danger
The Inside Story on Your Annuities that You've Never Been Told.

Annuity Scandals Exposed
The latest information on annuities that you have to read. Whether you own or are looking to own an annuity---Don't Miss This.

Social Security Reform: Common Sense on Social Security Home Page
Discusses various Social Security reform options.

Project on Social Security Choice
Promoting privatization of Social Security and creation of private accounts.

Coalition to Preserve Retirement Security
State and local government employees should be allowed to preserve retirement
security through retirement plans not included under Social Security.

Clinton offers $300 tax credit plan -- April 14, 1999

The Alliance for Worker Retirement Security - Testimony: An ...
Advocates Social Security reform for the benefit of the American worker.

ATR: Policy Issues: Social Security
Articles advocating privatization and personal accounts.

NEA: Social Security - Issues, Background and NEA Positions,
Public school teachers in 15 states receive lower Social Security benefits because
of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision.

Welcome to the Roth 401(k) Web Site
Includes current news, IRA rules, proposed and actual laws.

Social Security -
Weblog presenting analysis of the solvency of Social Security and its future
prospects, from a viewpoint skeptical of privatization.

American Academy of Actuaries
Information about retirement planning. Plus information to help you intelligently
participate in the debate about the future of Social Security.



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