Bonus Dex

Annuities-The Shocking Truths Revealed
Discover Shocking Secrets about Your Annuities that Banks and Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know.

Annuities-Warning Danger
The Inside Story on Your Annuities that You've Never Been Told.

Annuity Scandals Exposed
The latest information on annuities that you have to read. Whether you own or are looking to own an annuity---Don't Miss This.

Anarcha Australis
Character generation and combat rules for a game set 27 years after the economic
collapse of Australia.

D&D 3.5 to GURPS 4th Edition Conversion
Character conversion formulas by Bruce Grubb.

Third Street Games quotes
Compendium of lines from five different campaigns featuring the same players.

Cthulhu d20 Character Generator
A rather hefty client-side script which can take a while to load on Internet Explorer.

A warpath guide including the updated spell list and a breakdown of each stat
using the old rolling system.

Gringo's Wizard Guide
Covers the basics of training a wizard.

LineageDB - Lineage 1 Database
Site containing lots of facts about the game, including monster descriptions,
guides and drops.

FFXI Post-Dec. 8th Patch Comprehensive Food List
Single-page listing of all food items and their effects.

A guide for rolling any type of healer with information on specific statistics.
Also covers etiquette and roleplaying.

The Statistical Sorcerer's Guide
Lord Sylvendale's original guide contains a breakdown of each stat and skill, as
well as detailed information on combat. Old rolling used.



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